Lubeco lubricants b.V.

Manufacturer of biodegradable lubricants

Our oils are
mixable and replaceable for all biodegradable oils from others
producers and brands.




Why choose for biodegradable lubricants?

With biodegradable lubricants you save money on the maintenance of your machines and you are also environmentally responsible!

The maintenance intervals of your machines are up to 5 times longer when you use biological lubricants. Bio oils provide better protection to your machines, meaning maintenance is required less often. In addition, the use of bio-oil is of course better for the environment. It is a naturally degradable product, so it is more environmentally friendly than non-biological lubricants, both when changing and in the event of leakage.

We have everything you need; from high performance bar and chain oil, food grade lubricants to industrial gear oil and hydraulic fluid. Premium hydraulic fluids produced in the categories HEES, HETG, HFC, HFDU and for all viscosity classes.

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Who we are and what we do

We exclusively develop, produce and distribute a range of environmentally friendly lubricants LUBECO™ for the  European market. 

We know our oils well and proudly stand behond every drop we produce!

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